Sunday, 16 September 2012


              As though descending from heaven, she moved down with grace
         sharing and shattering, she spilled herself.
         She was welcomed by the waves and storm, the thirsty Earth getting quenched
         She trickled down in pride from a withered leaf and mingled with the dew on a smiling flower,
         them settled like a pearl on the lips of a girl.
         Alas! she was the rain from clouds as a tear, with flawless beauty crystal clear !!

           The girl smelled potted plants sitting by the window, plants seemed merry with the rain seeping into the mud. At a distance she observed a boy making paper boats for his little sister. Every boat she floated on the water moved slow and steady. Her brother handed over a bigger pink boat made of card paper to her it was real, tough and going to make its way over a long distance.He built a smaller blue boat for himself .

 She seemed extremely happy to own a bigger boat compared to his. They were now making their boats ready for a competition, they let the boats next to each other, they sat back and began to watch as to whose boat would win the marathon.  The girl giggled raising her eyebrows at her brother as her boat went faster than his. Gradually her smiles melted into a grin as the blue boat overtook her's. Noticing tears in his sisters little eyes her brother paced fast towards his boat and destroyed it, it was now a piece of paper into shreds!
Laughing the girl ran to her pink boat and splashed water with her little feet, drowning it. They played splashing water onto each other, drenching in the rain. On hearing their mother call out to them they walked homewards hand in hand. Thus ended their race in the rain :)


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  1. and that's sure gonna bring rain in a reader's eyes. seemingly naive, but touche'