Wednesday, 12 September 2012

In LUV with the city @ 6 pm

      Weeks went by as I looked forward to the weekends , other days couldn't be easily differentiated as they moved with the same monotony. Nothing really kept my days enjoyable except for the evenings where I rush back from work and carry coffee up to the terrace and sip it wile watching the city lighten into dusk.

     I got introduced to the city few years ago, when I had come down to pursue my graduation. A lot has changed since then - new flyovers, bigger constructions, better  places to hangout, more traffic to compliment its better roads, brimming with people from different states.The real flavor of the city being its ethnicity - its food, festivals and the terrific lingo. To me it just remained pretty and perfect with forgivable flaws!
Unlike other Indian cities, every small restaurant here serves appetizing biryani. I have heard many people complain about the so called biryani restaurants in other states surprise them with.
Every lane and by-lane here hosts a small temple of one Goddess or another. I once happen to come across 16 such temples in a distance of about 7 kms, the rickshaw driver kept looking out and making a silent prayer as we crossed them.

    Hyderabad would continue to welcome people with its beautiful monuments portraying history, lovable Irani chai and flavorsome food, glittering nights during festivals. It has only been getting younger by the day!
On hearing Namaz being recited , I brought my thoughts back, I could then, feel peace in this prayer too... awakening the true spirit of the city!
    Night dropped like a veil over its pretty face, with every appearing star it grew darker , with lights shining to brighten its beauty, mesmerized, I looked forward for it to unveil opening up to a brighter tomorrow , to welcome people with dreams,warm memories and lasting success.