Sunday, 22 July 2012


Memories last as long as we give them a thought.

I spent the day searching for some certificates from school, my search ran into dusty bags filled with books and papers. My lips widened with a smile, hands eagerly flipping through the little book I had found.
That was a 'Slam Book' ,  my favorite purple and white blocks made it look more vibrant.

PAGE 1      : Was always kept for  the so called "best friend" , of course we were kids then and that made    this book more loveable
PAGE 2 to 10 : Kept for close friends
PAGE 10 to 20 : for the ones who were quiet on my side when things went wrong.
PAGES 20 and above: for the neutral neon's
LAST few pages: for those who did not care about being a part of anybody z  memories.

As I began reading I remember the efforts I had put in to persuade all those who filled in their wishes to stick their passport size photo as there was a slot for it.  Few friends had just registered their names and addresses and left the remaining for me to imagine! There was a column for noting our favorite teachers and subjects, this was a real hit cause each of us had our reasons to like them, (I learnt it later that the guys from my school had rather interesting reasons for the same column)what made me laugh most was the dated or signature column on the page. This had the most creative reactions ....
"Dated till you grow old"
"Dated till you stop painting and drawing"
"Dated till you kiss your own cheeks"
"Dated till X ma'am stops punishing me"
"Dated till you stop being friends with supriya"
"Dated till we get more holidays" and so on....

Next head turner for me was the photographs, they were far from comparison to our current profiles picks which flood on FB every now and then. Our choice for the locations was limited, but there was all place for beautiful smiles and the way we made every photo a picture perfect. I would make all attempts to upload a few when my friends forget calling me on my phone ;) ! but photos are more about memories and moments that passed and that would last every time we see them rather than the way we looked !

Dated till my friends complete the pages they registered on my slam book !! :)


  1. a splendid naive heart-felt write. wen d emotion is right, nothing else matters in writing, ms amateur

  2. Awsum.........dats what we call quietly brilliant

  3. Very sweet Rachna! U wrote the same for me in my slam book and half of the gals never completed it :( And the best of all on my Slam book was Baby sai's. She was so damn creative in wriring it. She drew pictures and all that on my slam book.

    Anyways nice thought! keep blogging! And do read mine ;)

    1. aww really! wil post sum testimonials sumtym . sure wil read urz.