She feared rejection, yet she had her only chance to make him understand how much she needed him,

tears swelled in her dark pretty eyes, wile her hands ached writing.....

I love you, I don't!

I don't want to accept anyone else with hatred for you,
I don't want to leave you either!
I want you to show how much I mean, 
if you cannot , I plead you leave!
You captured me without a clue. Its now that I feel all that was'nt true!
You love me? You love me not ?!
I still cannot see what you feel.I am miles away, but I want to know if you are still the same:
I  might have been wrong, but I know that, about you I still feel right!
You love me ? you don't !
but I do!  

She awaited his reply......  

Later that week, she had heard from him ...

Nothing makes me happier than knowing how much I mean to you. I cannot express the way you do but all I can say is 
that I will always be there be it in pain or pleasure,
in the best to the worst,
through all the days you see,
in your smiles and sorrow,
I repent all the suffering caused by me,
forgive me with the acceptance for a life time cause for me you mean the world !!

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