Saturday, 7 December 2013

World in her BAG !

Blue ,black ,green , yellow,red, pink, purple,white, mauve, multi coloured, neons.... bags in all  sizes and shapes filled her cupboard.

He used to find it inflated on a day and deflated on another but it had never occurred to him to approach her and question as to what it carried. It would be a decent breakthrough to know what girls carry in their bags.

Choosing one of them she hurriedly searched her bag at the bank for a pen, but ended up borrowing it from another customer at the bank.Walking away she drew a scarf  from the bag to cover her pretty face, on reaching the office she heard her phone ring , it was protectively placed in the pocket of her bag, she brushed her hair and dropped the brush into the bag and softened the cover of a novel from it.
A bag would carry all that is important and needed by her rather than things that are necessary.Guys here is tip get a bag to impress your gal and it would be a happy ending ;)

Many actresses endorse bags, brands try hard to woo women with various modifications,  but guess this is a market which would keep building for a reason that for a girl the bag she carries has her world!

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  1. A girls bag is always an ocean for guys to understand.....still you could have included a lot more