Monday, 2 September 2013

Doing them apart !

     Few incidents in our life make us stronger and few break us beyond repair!

     Lets say most of us have faced the worst of situations in our own right...little things like getting a good rank or marks that mattered to us when we were at school, later difficulties moved on to finding a good job or the right person to be with. All these difficulties at a point of time just vanish when we come across something more true and irreparable ! 

      With tears in her eyes she watched him, motionless and firm, his eyes closed, body seemed intact without any wounds or blemishes, her body shivered as she touched his hand, the hand that held and comforted her, taught her to walk, it still made her feel warm and protected but the difference was he lay still , those hands would never hold her again and ensure that come what may ' you can rely on me ,I'll be by your side and support every step you take ' this was the fear she had deep inside. His composure killed the chaos in her thoughts but she knew him better as a calm and composted individual, best she knew him as her lovable father !! I love you dad she shouted but, he could hear her no more, her voice echoed in the darkness, she could see his well built frame, lying beside her in effortless pain , nothing moved her from the fright, not the preparation people made around her for the last rights, not the cries of near and dear, nor did the pyre.
Everybody sounded offensive to her all they said was 'all things happen for a reason'- not this how could they even say things like this happen for a reason!?  'God takes away good people early'- like he needs some entertainment!?  

She just wanted him back, if someone called God could be bribed and deaths traded she thought meaninglessly!If people always leave why do they come, if people were meant to be why do the go?? with a heavy heart and a numb mind she stood cold and stated into the ugly roaring fire which wickedly swallowed him. 

 It has been years now but her thoughts go back to him every single day, she believes the best she could do is , make him a part of her life by taking her thoughts back and remembering him every single day. Hoping she would make the best memories and moments with people she comes by and values and loves them for what they are and the way they are, as we never know what comes next.


  1. The purity in your writing will carry her message to him that she still loves him.

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