Saturday, 7 December 2013

World in her BAG !

Blue ,black ,green , yellow,red, pink, purple,white, mauve, multi coloured, neons.... bags in all  sizes and shapes filled her cupboard.

He used to find it inflated on a day and deflated on another but it had never occurred to him to approach her and question as to what it carried. It would be a decent breakthrough to know what girls carry in their bags.

Choosing one of them she hurriedly searched her bag at the bank for a pen, but ended up borrowing it from another customer at the bank.Walking away she drew a scarf  from the bag to cover her pretty face, on reaching the office she heard her phone ring , it was protectively placed in the pocket of her bag, she brushed her hair and dropped the brush into the bag and softened the cover of a novel from it.
A bag would carry all that is important and needed by her rather than things that are necessary.Guys here is tip get a bag to impress your gal and it would be a happy ending ;)

Many actresses endorse bags, brands try hard to woo women with various modifications,  but guess this is a market which would keep building for a reason that for a girl the bag she carries has her world!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Doing them apart !

     Few incidents in our life make us stronger and few break us beyond repair!

     Lets say most of us have faced the worst of situations in our own right...little things like getting a good rank or marks that mattered to us when we were at school, later difficulties moved on to finding a good job or the right person to be with. All these difficulties at a point of time just vanish when we come across something more true and irreparable ! 

      With tears in her eyes she watched him, motionless and firm, his eyes closed, body seemed intact without any wounds or blemishes, her body shivered as she touched his hand, the hand that held and comforted her, taught her to walk, it still made her feel warm and protected but the difference was he lay still , those hands would never hold her again and ensure that come what may ' you can rely on me ,I'll be by your side and support every step you take ' this was the fear she had deep inside. His composure killed the chaos in her thoughts but she knew him better as a calm and composted individual, best she knew him as her lovable father !! I love you dad she shouted but, he could hear her no more, her voice echoed in the darkness, she could see his well built frame, lying beside her in effortless pain , nothing moved her from the fright, not the preparation people made around her for the last rights, not the cries of near and dear, nor did the pyre.
Everybody sounded offensive to her all they said was 'all things happen for a reason'- not this how could they even say things like this happen for a reason!?  'God takes away good people early'- like he needs some entertainment!?  

She just wanted him back, if someone called God could be bribed and deaths traded she thought meaninglessly!If people always leave why do they come, if people were meant to be why do the go?? with a heavy heart and a numb mind she stood cold and stated into the ugly roaring fire which wickedly swallowed him. 

 It has been years now but her thoughts go back to him every single day, she believes the best she could do is , make him a part of her life by taking her thoughts back and remembering him every single day. Hoping she would make the best memories and moments with people she comes by and values and loves them for what they are and the way they are, as we never know what comes next.

Friday, 22 February 2013


The hawker moved his cart calling out to sell bangles...
they were all spread  in a pattern, ranging from bold colours to pretty light ones
noticing a crowd of young women by a flower vendor, he rushed screaming to lure
them purchase bangles - crystal bangles, matching your clothes, bangles which  your hands well,
 bangles for all occasions could be yours a dozen just for ten rupees!!
He slowly noticed the crowd dispersed and circled him, each trying the bangles to fit their hands,
some searched the cart for the colours and designs they wanted..
He thought 'women are such a wonder, they could tirelessly search for what they like
and yet bargain for the same!!
          One of the young women caught his attention, she had a bright skin tone, was patient even while others voices echoed  around her' bhaiya ye kitna hai? green colour hai kya is size mai? ye thoda zada hai? he noticed that her stomach was a bump...she requested her neighbour to move aside and not push her trough the crowd as she was pregnant, may be this added to her patience.
the crowd took sometime to haggle and then started dispersing while the hawker's jaw dropped hearing an unfamiliar sound, it was loud and disastrous, there was a bomb blast!! his eyes winded as the pieces of glass from the bangles pierced his arm, the colour of all bangles looked same, all were red now, painted in blood! before anybody could notice what had happened  it swept them all off...some into death and some into being crippled for life,
         The hawker was at a distance, safe and alive but high with an unbelievable shock that he just witnessed..his thoughts were drawn to the pregnant women, was she safe?? he rushed to the scene where shreds from different bodies were soaked in blood,
shattered  parts of bikes and bicycles and everything in the surroundings, the gory scene depressed him instantly, he found the women after turning around the faces of few bodies..
Would he be able to recognize her as faces looked similar all smeared with blood, then he reached a women lying on her back face partially clear..this was her,wounded but breathing and he made a silent prayer thanking Allah as he rushed her to the ambulance. Staying by her side he managed to make her speak and
reqested the contact details of known she dint have a phone nor did she respond to his question,with tearful eyes he looked at her as she lost her breath,parting with the desire to live!!
The hawker still prays for the peace of her soul everyday during Namaz.

    the Sun and Moon which we face are the same

    the shades of the sky above you and me remain same,
    the Earth which we share is the same,
    the pains and pleasures brought by the seasons are the same,

    the colour of our blood is the same,
    the difference just comes from our thoughts,

    live & let live!