Sunday, 18 November 2012

Like me u !!

She looked like a stranger as the mirror ignorantly reflected her pale figure...
lines of distress on her forehead with messy hair and withered lips
she smelt anguish in every breath... she was once herself, pretty, blush and beautiful
the lean and shrunken figure surprised her... it had been days since she looked at herself..

        No but she would not believe her damp eyes or the truthful glass..she had to get back to
being herself ,being her was the task now, because that meant ignoring everything that added to
making things bad. She sprung up had to take  chances and make a choice.. she wanted not to just be,
 but to be " herself " leaving her fear and doubtful thoughts behind she broke free for she realized that
 the reason to celebrate could be nothing grater than you for...
                                               ' You are an OcAsSion' !

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